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Disclosure Agreement

Disclaimer: [1] The observations, analysis, inspections, and/or opinions expressed at Hollywood Chic are the author’s own. The author’s own opinions, inspections, analysis, and/or personal observations may also be linked to websites, social media, and links that are associated to Hollywood Chic, these secondary outlets will be disclosed fully on the initial site -- including Twitter and Facebook. Products and service reviews will only appear on the main pages of review that are submitted in full to the company responcible for the review and will never appear on any outlet that may be linked with the website as a whole. Hollywood Chic operates two product testing pages Hollywood Tech and Hollywood Chic this disclamer extends to both and any other pages that may come in the future months. Direct affiliates, companies, review agencies, and those associated do not claim to endorse any opinions and personal statements that may be voiced in part by any guest writers and those leaving comments on this blog; at any given time. Any product claims, quotes, statistics, or depictions made about a product/service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider, and/or responsible party . Related data can easily be found through Google Search or other Internet search methods. Proper utilization of search is strongly recommended by the author, for a proper determination on all products and services appearing on this website; this is the left at the responsibility of each viewer – correct links will also be displayed or linked within the review. 

Disclosure Notice: [2] Hollywood Chic’s objective is to generate consumer positivity with manufacturers, providers, and/or parties that appear on site. A helpful hand will always exist with blogger friendly companies and those hiring the author as an affiliate nationally and internationally. Such positivity shall be derived from fair and balanced product reviewing, of an honest substance, including; sponsored giveaways, contests, buttons, badges, charity spotlighting, and all other visual and textual depictions. Reviews appearing Hollywood Chic are never and will not made to hinder the named product, service, or those in relation; extending to any depictions that are made on this site. Hollywood Chic was created to be a small work at home business with an ‘
objective’ to help viewers discover products and/or services that best fit them, their families, friends they may share information with, and their personal lifestyles. Product and service purchases are the sole want/desire/need of the viewer, as well as any web views per product. This site does not intend to sway viewers in anyway; only give a fair and balanced review with honest substance. It cannot be guaranteed that at a rate of 100%, positivity will result for the tested and reviewed product nor can it be guaranteed that comments left will be in agreement. The author can assure that comments are professionally moderated prior to appearing at the acceptance of the author and that no hindering will be made to hurt or harm a provider, owner, or product.

[2a] Submitting products and/or services to Hollywood Chic does not always guarantee that the author/reviewer will always show fondness or preference to the submitted item(s), however, it does certify that a fair and balanced review will result for all products. It is certified that all reviews are honest to the experience of the author to Hollywood Chic. Guidelines for submitting a product or rendering a service can be found, in its entirety, on the “Pitch It!” page. The length for each product test will extend to 14 days unless agreed upon prior to the review, please allow 5 business days after this time for published reviews. The written review will vary based around each individual product, product sample, and/or service these reviews will be at a length of 500 to 750 words and varied by product. It is true that no review should be under 500 words. Products similar in nature will be tested for equal periods of time and with the same testing carried forth, the author feels this will yield a fair and balanced review without bias. The length of each online service shall be left open to discussions and must be agreed upon prior to review. All marketing representatives or individuals requesting a review are required to submit a sample, for all products reviews. This is the same with service reviews. These products or product samples shall be of no cost and are non-returnable unless value exceeds $10,000 (USD). The author will at no time be responsible for incurred fees or shipping charges.

Requests may be turned down based upon the author’s website preferences, without discrimination; this will happen very seldom and only occur if items are used, have been recalled, are toxic, are dangerous, etc. Hollywood Chic denotes within its “Mission Statement” as to how reviews and giveaways will work, in full context.

[2b] Photos may be taken for the product reviews, including screen shots for all online service reviews; these photos give a personal touch to out delightful tar. Graphics may be copied from the product's website and slightly modified to fit the determination of the product review; any alteration to image(s) shall not be of the trademarks or hinder the product in any way. Any graphics taken shall be hyperlinked to the product/service with a proper professional citation made. Those not wanting graphics to be modified should submit a 3 image, of their product, for review purposes within a zip folder prior to the review. Please note this is perferred to bring your best face forward.

Notice: [3] Disclaimer, disclosure, and notices are subject to updates and modifications, these may occur without notice. Legal changes and alterations to the Hollywood Geek Chic ™ disclosure may also result from success in this personal small business (work at home) endeavor; if legal changes should occur they will do so to benefit companies who have or will hire me for a review, service review, or giveaway -- this will be noted. Any proceeds, royalties, and monetary [USD] gains collected by Hollywood Chic
  will never sway the authors product reviewing or service reviewing. Ten Percent (10%) of these noted monetary royalties will be designated to the authors choice charity; charities will be listed in the sidebar of the page. Products not picked up from giveaways may also be denoted at the wishes of the company. If you have any questions about such donations, be advised that the author is happy to share per formal request; proof of monetary distribution of funds will be certified by charity, foundation, fund, cause, etc. Hollywood Chic can also be contacted in regards to any authors choice charities, foundations, and funds if a contribution would like to be made. The author takes no responsibility for these charity donations and each must be made by the responsible party themselves [i.e company, agent, service provider, crafter]

[3a] It is at the responsibility of each manufacture, company, provider, individual owner, and marketing representative fully comprehend this displayed Terms of Service. By submitting your products, product samples, and rendering service(s) for review to Hollywood Chic; you are authorizing that you are in full agreement with this disclosure agreement. This disclosure will once again revisit several key points, for your perusing.

-1- For each review, Hollywood Chic, required a product or service sample to be supplied by the owner.

-2- All products, product samples, and services rendered are considered non-returnable; with exceptions made in the extreme cases that the product tested has a value greater than $10,000 (USD) such as a vehicle.  This does not reply to items that cannot be returned such as travel, airfare, and trips.

-3- The reviewer, Amanda Hollywood of Hollywood Chic, shall incur no fees for all products, product samples, and/or services rendered for testing; including postage, shipping and handling, etc. The owner agrees to cover, in full, all costs the product tester will encounter; at each step. 

-4- This author understands that it is her responsibility to provide a fair and balanced product and/or service review; and certifies that each will be honest of the overall experience, without discrimination, and without bias. All product reviews will be at the benifit of the product and the company that supplies that (or service and service provider). The objective is to increase the marketing profit through new media.

-5- Reviews are not made to hinder the product/service, owner, and brand; only improve the consumer outlook. Hollywood Chic cannot guarantee an increase in business or an increase in traffic to the owner/product/service website. It is the sole need/want/desire of the consumer to purchase the product/service at any time. 

-6- Depictions per review may be taken from the product/service website, if no usable images are attached within a zip folder; these will not disturb the legal copyright of the item. Three images should be sent.

-7- As a manufacture, company, supplier, provider, individual owner, or marketing representative all reviewing requests must be made formally via electronic mail; at the address supplied below. Once hired the author prefers to be contacted by electronic mail but has provided a direct mobile telephone number for inquiries 7 days per week. Pitches must make the author desire the product. Folder all product/service information for organizational purposes to aid your product/service and assist the reviewer; be reminded to include 3 usable photographs of the product for reviews.

-8- It is the manufacture, provider, individual owner, or marketing representative’s sole reasonability to detail as much information about the company as possible, separate to the product/service. Valid companies only need to apply to Hollywood Chic!
A background is key to start each review and a NDA can be signed up front, if need be for protection and maintaining regulations, nondiscloser agreements are not of a problem to the author as she is very familiar with these legal agreements. Your privacy will be respected at all times.

-9- The company matters which is why I am providing my assistance and knowledge in new age online marketing for you. If your product is ranked highly and thought to be at the greater good of the viewing audience you will have the option to place a direct link to your product, company, or relevant website via 125x125 pixel graphic (or smaller) on the page. Each graphic will be given a proper place so it easily viewable. These advertisements will be charged at a rate of $45 (USD) each, per product/service. Advertisements can be requested with formal 250-500 words write up about the product/service/company; rates start as low as $65 per combination with 1 month free. Both prices are in USD and can be paid via PayPal or money order; no checks will be accepted as payment or cash. Advertisements are optional and will in no way hinder my product review and giveaway if one is to be had. This does not apply to affiliate projects which will be discussed through email. 

-10- Reviews, images, and content that appears on Hollywood Chic
  are copyright under penalty of law. This copyright can be found at the Copyright office and online at the links appearing as credits on my page.

[3b] Hollywood Chic once again certifies that the compensation received from the product testing experience in no way influences the opinions given this applies to the values of any products I am responcible for and hired to review.  Payments do not apply to *all* the products I have the chance to work with. This is set up initally by the owner of the company in which hires me for the review.

PayPal is the preferred method, payments are expected in full prior to each review; money orders are accepted as a second form of payment only is PayPal is not an option. Payment information should be requested via email exchanges. Prices agreed upon are charged in USD per review depending on the length and depth, charges will be discussed in email messages prior to testing
. Checks are not accepted unless certified through a banking facility for the author’s protection. Please note that money orders and certified checks may delay the review and is recommended to be sent through priority mail. Tracing such payment by the owner is strongly encouraged; as is a delivery signature receipt. Compensation may result from Google, as a secondary subsidy, this feature may be used if the authors desires. Google payments will not affect the reviews at hand nor will any other paying outlets.

[3c] It is the responsibility of the owner, provider, individual, or marketing representative of a company/corporation to disclose details about themselves and the product. Information may be doubled check for protective purposes. This data never shall any retrieved information be used within the reviews.

Only reputable companies, providers, and individuals need apply for a from the author, all products and service also need to be reputable. The author reserves the rights to inquire and question for additional data, again, this data will not be used or have effect on the fair and balanced honest reviews made. If the author must inquire within, delays in reviews may result.

By contacting Hollywood Chic
you are certifying that you are a owner of the product/service or the marketing representative there of.

[3d] Electronic responses will be made promptly, however no later than 6-10 business days, the same is requested for a smooth and comfortable experience; inbound and outbound. Respect must be maintained at all times as will my professionalim. The author has a right to terminate service at any time, if not properly respected. If the service is canceled, for this reason only, return rates do not apply.

  Charities: If you would like to participate in charity related events [optional], I ask you to contact me by the address listed below and provide as much information as possible about your personal proposal. You may choose to donate your items and/or your services to the charity of the author's choice, participate in website fundraisers for the choice charity, or spread your message in regards to giving; new charities will be spotlighted appearing on the sidebar. All charities that 10% of earning are made to will appear also in the sidebar. If as a owner, provider, or supplier wish to donate in any way, all donations will be accepted, information can be requested regarding this; I ask for all donations to go directly to the charity. Data of this regard can be sent to me via email, so that at each request you can be spotlighted as part of the humanitarian effort for free.

If you are the representative of a charity wishing to be spotlighted, please provide enough supporting detail about yourself as possible at the email address below. Graphics, banners, buttons, and all other information should be attached in a zip folder for easier delivery. Hollywood Chic
would love to promote your cause.

Product Endorsements
: Please inquire within about any affiliate endorsements and/or opportunities that may arise. The author to Hollywood Chic ™ will only endorse products that are of true benefit, environmentally friendly, and/or for the greater good of the populace; without discriminations. Such contact should be made directly at the phone number supplied below and will be promptly reviewed/replied to by the author. Product and/or service endorsements are open for for-profit and nonprofit firms. Please abide by the rules in section 3c.

Contact Amanda:
Phone: (424) 253-5006
Email: hollywood.geek.chic[at]gmail[dot]com

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